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Sustainable Forests and Plantations

This web site aims to increase awareness and deliver news & views on how we manage the natural resources of our woodlands, forests and plantations. Trees and woodland provide so much with relatively little input and demonstrate an optimism and investment in the future. A future whose climate we know will become more unpredictable. It is important that we start to mitigate against this unpredictability and make our landscapes more resilient and robust.

A very simple way to do this is to plant more trees, the right trees and in the right places!

For the very latest news and views, simply follow the Twitter feed below. If you need any specific information then please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank You.

"Instead of thinking about restoring forests to where they were, we actually need to focus on pre-storing them for resilience to future climate conditions" 👏 well said by @JadDaley in today's #ClimateWeekNYC panel with @Ecosia and @CityPlants

Global Britain 🇬🇧 …
Looking forward to the new trade deal with Greece

Twitter feed video.Global Britain 🇬🇧  … 
Looking forward to the new trade deal with Greece

Nigeria's battle to reclaim looted Benin Bronzes

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