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  • Twitter – A Quick Start Guide

    STEP 1. Find a name and create an account It can be your name, nickname or company name. If you or your organisation are not well known in the sector, you might want to choose a Twitter name that says something about the topic you will be tweeting about, eg @woodfuelUK. Many good names are likely […]

  • Woodland Benefits

    The Benefits of Woodland: unlocking the potential of the Scottish uplands. Andrew Heald is Technical Director for Confor (Confederation of Forest Industries) and is based in Edinburgh. If I tell people that I work in forestry, I get a fairly standard response, to which I reply “No I don’t work for the Forestry Commission, never […]

  • Time for a Fresh Approach

    Andrew Heald reports from the FSC General Assembly in Seville. The Forest Stewardship Council is twenty years old, and like most adolescents it has had a troubled few years, perhaps lost its focus and not really delivered on its early potential. However, what distinguishes it from other adolescents is that over 600 people from all […]

  • Why Trees are the Best Financial Bet

    By Brian Henderson. Hill farmers have been urged to consider diversifying their operations by planting woodland after it was claimed that new figures show a significant increase in the relative benefits of forestry over farming in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. First published in The Scotsman, July 4th, 2020.  

  • What Lies Beneath

    Andrew Heald MICFor reports on April’s Institute of Fisheries Management Specialist Conference in Penrith, Cumbria, where he presented a paper. While not surprised to be the only speaker from the private forestry sector at the Institute of Fisheries Management Specialist Conference, Forestry and Fisheries – Where Next?, I was surprised that Confor was the only […]

  • A Year of Change

    By Andrew Heald, technical director Confor. 2015 is set to be a crucial year for forest certification in the UK, not only is UKWAS undergoing review and revision, but so is the FSC Chain of Custody scheme, used by nearly 3000 companies in the UK. First published in The Scotsman, July 4th, 2020.  

  • Sustainable Woodlands and Farms

    By Andrew Heald Natural Resources Consultant. There is an old joke that if you want 3 opinions ask 2 foresters; well if you ask the same foresters to define “sustainable forest management” then you will probably get a lot more than 3 opinions and the usual response is “Well, it’s complicated; and it depends.” First […]

  • To Tweet or Not To Tweet

    Joining the forestry and timber community on Twitter Andrew Heald is Confor’s technical advisor and, together with Dougal Driver, the ‘muscle’ of our Twitter engagement. He has found his place in the Twitter community and tweets actively from the early morning hours, mainly about forest certification and global land use issues. Andrew does not have […]

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