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Andrew Heald MSDRTKU – Profile

What do you do?
I’ve worked in this sector for more than 20 years, and with a range of organizations from forest product companies like UPM and Mondi to the World Wildlife Federation, the Forest Stewardship Council and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Currently I work with a trade organisation called the UK Confederation of Forest Industries. A lot of my work centers on forest certification in the UK—how to make certification simpler, more robust and risk-based, and how to incorporate remote sensing to reduce auditing costs.

How did you become interested in forests?
I have always wanted to work in the “outdoors.” Initially, I wasn’t sure whether this would be in farming or conservation. I ended up in forestry after working with a timber harvesting company as a countryside ranger looking after land around a large reservoir. They were looking for someone who understood the conservation and recreation side of land management, and I liked the idea of working for a private sector company. That was over twenty years ago!

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Taken from an original article for Global Forest Watch.
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Reported by Octavia Payne